Miss Universe Charlotte Wassef

Miss Universe 1935, the Egyptian Charlotte Wassef from Alexandria, Egypt, crowned on 6 October 1935 in Brussels.
Photo credit: Le Petit Journal newspaper.

ملكة جمال الكون لعام ١٩٣٥ المصرية شارلوت واصف من مدينة الإسكندرية، المتوجة في ٦ أكتوبر ١٩٣٥، بروكسل.
حقوق الصورة: صحيفة لو بيتي جورنال الفرنسية.

Crowned Miss Universe in 1935, Charlotte Wassef of Alexandria (Egypt), Brussels, 6 October 1935.

ملكة جمال الكون المتوجة عام ١٩٣٥، الإسكندرانية شارلوت واصف، بروكسيل، ٦ أكتوبر ١٩٣٥.

Ms Charlotte Wassef on Le Petit Journal newspaper, 6 October 1935 issue.

الآنسة شارلوت واصف على إحدى صفحات مجلة لو بيتي جورنال الفرنسية عدد ٦ أكتوبر ١٩٣٥.

Trivia by woollahra147: "Ms Wassef was known in Alexandria, Egypt, as Lolotte Hindi and lived in Tharwat neighbourhood in Alexandria. She had a daughter nicknamed Micha who lived in Buffalo, New York and always used to talk about the snow storms in December. Her husband Michel Hindi, nicknamed Mickey was also quite a character. I last saw both of them in the late seventies."
Update, 16 Feb 2021: Charlotte Wissa Wassef's daughter Michele Hindi-Alexander was named Michèle Charlotte (both her parents' names) and was nicknamed Micha. Thanks to Mrs Alexander for providing the accurate information.