Tantah House in Scotland

Tantah House in Scotland was built by James Inglis who went out to Egypt as a young man, settled in the town of Tantah to work in the cotton industry. He retired and returned to Peebles to build this house in 1884, which he named Tantah after the town located in the Nile Delta in Egypt. He also established Tantah Foundry. His eldest son, James Snr, continued the cotton business in Tantah. Tantah still retains much of it’s original character and has been listed as being of Regional Importance by Historic Scotland.

منزل طنطا في اسكتلندا هو منزلاً بناه جيمس إنجليس، الاسكتلندي الذي ذهب إلى مصر شاباً واستقر في مدينة طنطا للعمل في مجال القطن. تقاعد إنجليس وعاد إلى بلدة بيبلز في اسكتلندا لبناء هذا المنزل في عام ١٨٨٤ والذي أسماه باسم مدينة طنطا التي تقع في دلتا النيل في مصر، كما أنشأ أيضاً مسبكاً باسمها. وقد واصل نجله جيمس العمل في مجال القطن في طنطا. المنزل موجود إلى الآن كفندق في بلدة بيبلز الاسكتلندية. ما زال يحتفظ منزل طنطا بكثير من طابعه الأصلي، وقد تم إدراجه في وكالة "اسكتلندا التاريخية" باعتباره ذو أهمية إقليمية.

Towards Tantah, 14 April 2020, photo by Mark Sansom

 Tantah House, Peebles, a Victorian house in grounds on the lower slopes of Cademuir Hill, 17 February 2019, photo by Jim Barton

Tantah and Peebles Hydro Hotel, 10 September 2019, photo by Anthony O'Neil

 Looking down along the John Buchan Way footpath to Peebles with Tantah House the older building to the left and Peebles Hydro Hotel very conspicuous on the far side of the town. Photo by Alan Slater, 3 May 2014

Tantah Trail, Cademuir Hill. Photo by Forestry and Land Scotland. Tantah House, from which the trail takes its name, is an imposing 19th century villa just downhill from the north end of the forest. It was built by local foundry owner James Inglis, who named it after a town in Egypt

Priorsford Bridge, Peebles. The bridge was built by R. J. M. Inglis of Tantah, Peebles in 1905, 25 May 2017, photo by David Gray

Horse race at Tantah Croft. Credit: D Hollingsbee, 21 June 2017.