The Egyptian film industry (1943-1951)

On the film set of Leila's Poor Family, ليلى بنت الفقراء. Released in 1945.

Egyptian Film Industry, 1951, a Periscope Film report.

Promotional photo of the film, Seven O’Clock, الساعة سبعة, with Ali al-Kassar, the star of the film, director Togo Mizrahi and producer and distributor Georges Behna, 1937. Courtesy of Basile Behna.

Still from the film, Just Crazy! أما جنان, with Hassan Fayek wearing a Tarboush, Ismail Yassine carried by Asia Dagher and Fuad Shafik, 1944.


Random collection (1943-1951)

Les Miserables. Amina Rizk and Zinat Sedky, 1943.
Les Miserables. Abbas Fares, 1943.

The Mother. From left: Sahid Khalil and Leila Fawzi, 1945.

The Gentle Sex. From left: Mohamed Amin and Beshara Wakim, 1945.

The Musician: From Left: Ahmed Allam and Laure Daccache, 1946.

Angels in Hell. From left: Amina Rizk and Zouzou Shakib, 1946.


The Orphan. From left: Mohamed Amin, Zainab Sedky, Abbas Faris, 1946.

Fruit of the Crime, ثمرة الجريمة. From left: Rawheya Khaled and Zouzou Shakib, 1947.

Women Are Devils. From left: Mahmoud el-Meleigy, Zouzou Hamdi, Ismail Yassine, Thoraya Helmy, Leila Fawzi, 1947.

Zahra, 1947.


The Greatest Sacrifice. From left: Aqeila Rateb, Emad Hamdy and Serag Mounir, 1947.
My Heart and My Sword. From left: Lola Sedky, Mohamed el-Bakkar, Dawlat Abyad and Beshara Wakim, 1947.

Everybody is Singing. From left: Fouad Shafik, Hagar Hamdi, Ismail Yassine, Hassan Fayek, Nagat Ali and Mohamed Salman, 1947.
The Unknown Future. From left: Madiha Yousri and Hosna Suleiman, 1948.
The Missing Link, الحلقة المفقودة. From left: Faten Hamama and Samir Abdullah Lama, 1948.

Nargis, 1948.
Love and Youth. From left: Fathia Shahin, Anwar Wagdi and Hassan Fayek, 1948.
Love and Youth. From Left: Leila Mourad, Anwar Wagdi, Stephan Rosti and Mahmoud Shokoko, 1948.

Within the Limits, على قد لحافك. From left: Hagar Hamdi and Ali Al-Kassar, 1949.
Good News! From left: Leila Fawzi and Karem Mahmoud, 1951.

Fayek and Rayeq. From left: Karem Mahmoud, Taheyya Kariokka and Ismail Yassine, 1951.
Credits for this collection: Samir Farid, NYU Abu Dhabi's Photography Archive.

 What a Relief! فرجت, Naeema Akef, 1951.