Wedding of the Khedive's sister, Khadija Hanem and the brides procession forming in the interior of the Harem. Drawn from life by Madame philippoteaux, The Graphic newspaper, 1895

The Khedive's State Ball at the Abdeen Palace, Cairo, the Barn Dance. Illustration by Percy Macquoid. From The Graphic newspaper, 4 May 1895

Wintering in Egypt: Lady bicyclists taking their morning ride in Cairo. Drawn by J. Gulich. The Graphic newspaper, 1897

Bathing Kiosk in course of construction for the viceroy of Egypt. The Illustrated London News, 1858

A street in Cairo from the exhibition of water-colour drawings by Hildenbrandt, The Illustrated London News, 1867

Burning of Shepheard's Hotel, Cairo. The Illustrated London News, 1868

Empress Eugenie receiving Khedive of Egypt Ismail Pasha at Tuileries in Paris, 1867

Cairo Curios; or, The Shepheard's Flock, from 'The Light Side of Egypt' by Lance Thackeray, 1908

Romeo and Juliet scene at Shepheard's Hotel, from 'The Light Side of Egypt' by Lance Thackeray, 1908

Street Activity in Ibrahim Pasha St, Cairo, c. 1890

Khedive Abbas Helmi II, Cairo. The Graphic newspaper, 1903

The Opening of the Suez Canal, Port Said, Egypt, 17 November, 1869. From the Illustrated London News, 11 December 1869. Hand-coloured later

The Egyptian railway terminus at Alexandria, 1858

A walking restaurant, Cairo, by Winifred Brunton

Alexandrian Boatmen (Marakbi), Egypt , from The people of Egypt, 1910. Painted by Lance Thackeray

From 'El Mundo Ilustrado', 1879

A blind beggar

A Sais, or a running footman

A silk embroiderer

Abyssinian female slave


Alexandrian lady with her attendant

Alley of the old time

Among the old houses

An Arab of rank

Bab el-Footoh

Carpet merchant in the Khan el-Khaleel


Court of an Egyptian house of the time of the Khalifs

Door of an Arabian house

Door of the Alley of Sukkarije

Door of the Mamelukes in the Citadel of Cairo

Door of the Moristan of Kala'oon

Fountain, Sabil and school

Halberd and spear for lion hunting, of steel inlaid with silver

Hamida, a Cairene maiden

Harem of a house in the time of the Khalifs



Mameluke Emir

Market at Desook

Market at Tantah

Mashrebeeyeh window

Mausoleum of Kansooweh el-Ghooree

Old Arabian house

Old Arabic enamelled glass cup

Ornamental girdling of the Moristan of Kala'oon

Part of the house of Shaykh Sadat

Princely garden in Cairo

Public drinking fountain

Public school in the heart of Cairo

Remains of constructions of the time of the Mameluke Sultans in a modern fountain

Rosette of a primary school in Cairo

Sarraf, or money-changer

Spouse of the Sultan on her way to the country residence

The consort of the Sultan

The death of the firstborn

The pillars of ordeal

The Sultan's favourite songstress

The two great pyramids at the time of the inundation

Village in the Delta

Watering the roads

Wife of the Sheykh of the cooks

Window in the Mausoleum of Kala'oon


Illustrations of Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt.