El Khosdinar "Al-Khazindar" Square, Attaba, Cairo, early 20th century. Liverpool Hotel currently replaced by Sednaoui Department Store building. It formerly was the palace of Nubar Pasha, later the Hotel Khedivial. Credit: Heather D. Ward

Hotel de Paris and Le Petit Coin de France. 8 Maghraby St, Cairo, 1920

Shepheard's Hotel garden, Ezbekieh, Cairo, early 20th century postcard

Shepheard's Hotel, Cairo, 1915 postcard

Teatro Square. The Opera House and the square view as seen from one of the terraces of the Continental-Savoy Hotel, Cairo, 1930s

Suleiman Pasha Square and the National Hotel, Cairo, early 20th century postcard

Victoria Hotel, Cairo, Egypt, early 20th century postcard

Street view, Cairo, 1907

From Oilette

Banks of the Nile, Giza

Bargaining in the rookeries in the bazaar, 1914

Corner of the Fair, Cairo, London County Council Reward card

A noble chief, 1905

 Daughter of the Nile, 1905

Egyptian Museum

Arab Museum

Hotel du Nil entrance, Cairo

Hotel du Nil, Cairo

Hotel du Nil terrace, Cairo

Ezbekieh Garden, Cairo, 1908

Egyptian girl, 1905

Girl of Cairo

Group of palm trees, Ezbekieh Garden, Cairo, 1908

Gezireh Palace Hotel, Cairo

The Register Office, Fire Department and Crédit Lyonnais, Mouski, Cairo

Mahmoudieh Canal near Alexandria

Mosque on the Mahmoudieh Canal, Alexandria

Mena House Hotel, taken from top of the Pyramid, Cairo

El Agha Mosque, Cairo

Sidi Gaber Mosque, Alexandria

Opera House Square, Cairo

On the way to the Pyramids, London County Council Reward card

Pompey's Pillar, Alexandria

Street scene near Pompey's Pillar, Alexandria

Procession of the Holy Carpet, Cairo

Promenade in Ezbekieh Garden, Cairo, 1908

Pyramids of Giza in the evening, 1912

Railway Station, Cairo

Street Scene, Cairo


The Khedive's Special, Egyptian Government Railways. This engine and carriage were built by R Stephenson and Sons in 1862, used by the Khedive of Egypt when he moves his Court between his summer palace of Montaza and Alexandria, 1911-1912

The Nile Bridge, Opened, Cairo, 1912

Water Carriers, Bedrachen near Cairo, 1908

Woman water carrier, 1905

Young Egyptian girl, 1905

On an irrigation canal, Cairo, 1912