The Bauval Family (1785-1950s)

The Bauval Family (1785-1950s)

Robert Bauval tells the story of his origins in Egypt. Robert Bauval was born on 5 March 1948 in Alexandria. His great-great grandparents Joseph Siouffi and Therese Tutungi were born in Cairo in 1785-6 while his grandmother Caroline (Siouffi) Bauval was born in Alexandria in 1876. His father Gaston Bauval was born in Alexandria in 1905.

His grandfather Charles Bauval and his father Gaston Bauval in Alexandria c. 1909

Robert's grandmother Caroline (Siouffi) Bauval, Alexandria c. 1910

Robert's grandparents. From left to right: Robert and Mary Gatt (maternal grandparents), Caroline Bauval (paternal grandmother), Alexandria c. 1950

 Robert's parents, Gaston and Yvonne (Gatt) Bauval, Alexandria, Egypt, 1939. Born in Alexandria in 1905 and 1915 respectively and married in 1938

Robert Bauval and his twin sister Therese with parents, Alexandria, 1955 

Baptism and Birth Certificate of Gaston Bauval, Alexandria, Egypt, 1905

Baptism and Birth Certificate of Yvonne Gatt, Alexandria, Egypt, 1915

 Baptism and Birth Certificate of Robert Bauval, Alexandria, Egypt, 1948